Inert teat seals provide good control

19 October 2001

Inert teat seals provide good control

INTERNAL teat seal treatment can provide an effective non-antibiotic method of preventing mastitis, according to Irish research.

Bismuth-based teat seals are biologically inert and have proved to be as effective as conventional dry cow therapy, Bill Meaney of the Dairy Production Department, Moorepark, Co Cork, told the conference.

But recent developments have produced a new prototype formulation of teat seal containing lacticin 3147, which effectively controls two of the main streptococcus bacteria responsible for mastitis.

"Internal sealing of the teats of uninfected cows at the end of lactation may provide an acceptable alternative to blanket treatment with antibiotics," said Mr Meaney.

New Zealand milk producers are already achieving good results using internal teat seals. UK licensing of internal teat seals is thought to be imminent. &#42

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