Investment brings home the bacon

08 June 1998

Investment brings home the bacon

ONE of Scotlands most successful young pig producers remains convinced that the industry still has a bright future despite the recent downturn in the pig industrys fortunes.

The farming section in The Scotsman profiles Robin Traquair, 29, and his father Jim who run a 240-strong breeder herd on their 12-acre holding south of Edinburgh.

They plan to step up production in the next 12 months to more than 5,000 baconers, representing an average of 22 pigs sold per sow. To achieve this the aim is to put through 200 more pigs a year from the same number of sows

The Traquairs will put an emphasis on diet and housing, especially in the case of the young pigs to give them the best possible start. They will introduce feed stalls for the breeding sows, providing controlled feeding for each animal.

Nearly 90% of the bacon pigs they market each week achieve the highest “O”
Grade which earns an extra 7p/kg over the average All-Pigs price. The pair have spent nearly £100,000 in the past few years on improved housing.

The Traquairs believe economic factors such as the current low prices for pork and animal welfare legislation could force some farmers out of the industry representing an opportunity for them to pick up additional business.

  • The Scotsman 08/08/98 page 16

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