Investors keen on Pig Brother

5 October 2000

Investors keen on Pig Brother

By FWi staff

INVESTORS are considering putting up 30,000 to develop a West Country farmers website devoted to his pigs, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Andrew Freemantle has developed his site along the lines of the popular cult Channel 4 series.

Contestants in the Big Brother show were filmed round the clock, and Mr Freemantle plans to install 24-hour webcams to video his livestock.

He says this will demonstrate the high welfare standards under which British pigs are kept.

More controversially, he is considering introducing an online poll to decide which animal goes to the abattoir.

Mr Freemantle is said to be in discussions with three unnamed private investors about an initial 30,000 funding round for the project.

He also plans to approach betting sites to discuss users place bets on the weight of new-born piglets.

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