Iran-Canada wheat deal unconfirmed

By FWi staff

RUMOURS that Iran paid peanuts for a bulk order of Canadian wheat last week cannot be confirmed, say Canadian Wheat Board officials.

Iran is thought to have paid only £72/ tonne FOB for about 300,000 tonnes of western Canadian wheat last Friday (2 January).

But Canadian Wheat Board officials refused to say whether the deal actually went ahead.

According to UK trader Gary Sharkey of BDR Agriculture, the rumour is either untrue or signals an aggressive marketing policy on behalf of the Canadians.

“Its a ridiculously low price to pay for wheat,” he said.

FWi sources in Winnipeg today said Canadian and US grain traders were waiting for an expected order from Iran for up to 500,000 tonnes of wheat.

On this side of the Atlantic, Morocco is expected to announce a tender for 120,000 tonnes of wheat. – possibly from the France, Denmark or the UK.

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