Ireland plans to cull 200,000 ewes

03 November 1998

Ireland plans to cull 200,000 ewes

By FWi staff

A MASSIVE cull of sheep has been planned by the Irish Government in a desperate attempt to revive the countrys oversupplied lamb market.

Irish Government has asked for European Union permission to spend IR£6 million (£5.4m) culling 200,000 sheep in the hope that it will halt a dramatic slide in prices.

Farmers in Ireland have seen sheep prices plummet by 27% since the middle of August.

Mid-season lambs usually worth more than IR£1/lb are selling for as little as 80IRp/lb (33p/kg).

Irish officials are currently negotiating the exact terms under which permission will be granted by the EU Management Committee in Brussels.

A spokesman for the Irish Government in Dublin said today that the cull could go ahead “within weeks”.

But it was as much about reducing stocking densities as propping up sheep prices, he added.

Exact details of the cull ewe slaughter scheme are expected to be formally announced shortly.

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