It bales as it wraps…

28 May 1999

It bales as it wraps…

IN-LINE bale wrappers are becoming increasingly available with several companies now having such units in their port folio.

Unlike other systems, which have wrappers hooked onto the back of balers, Krones Combi-Pack unit is a purpose built baler and wrapper.

Seen by many for the first time at Grassland 99, the baling unit produces a 1.2m x 1.2m (4ft x 4ft) bale – the crop enters via a 1.95m pick-up and passes through a 17-knife chopping unit on its way to the chamber.

Once made, the bale is ejected onto the wrapping deck where a single satellite arm places either 500mm or 750mm film around the bale as it is rotated. The wrapping operation takes place while the next bale is being made.

Available in limited numbers for this year – Krone preferring to closely monitor the Combi-Packs performance – price is listed at £35,000.

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