Italy to get 10m drought compensation

19 August 1997

Italy to get £10m drought compensation

By FWi staff

THE European Commission has granted Ecu15 million (£10m) in compensation to three Italian regions suffering from drought.

Regions earmarked for drought assistance include Mezzogiorno and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. The money will be used to help fund programmes to reduce the shortage of water and improve planning of water use by the population, industry, agriculture and tourism.

The total monetary contribution to the programme, including additional funding from national and private investors, amounts to Ecu31m.

The EU assistance follows one of the worst fruit harvests in Italy in over 10 years. The Mediterranean endured adverse weather conditions between April and June, including late frosts and gale-force winds. Production of Italian pears, peaches and apples is likely to be 60% below average as a result.

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