ITN apology for bonemeal story

1 December 2000

ITN apology for bonemeal story

By FWi staff

THE ITN six oclock news has been forced to apologise after falsely stating that British pigs and poultry are still fed recycled animal parts.

In a report on Wednesday (29 November) on new EU anti-BSE moves to ban meat and bonemeal in all animal feed, ITN reporters said: “Britain still allows such feed for pigs and poultry.”

But following an outcry from the industry, it was forced to make a retraction on Thursday.

Veteran ITN anchorman Trevor McDonald said the practice had, in fact, been outlawed for the past four years and apologised for trouble the remarks had caused.

British Pig Executive manager Mick Sloyan expressed his concern that a programme as influential as the ITN news could make such a mistake.

“It is just not true. British pigs are not fed meat and bonemeal,” he said.

“Britain has independently audited farm assurance schemes which cover 90% of this countrys production and which helps ensure compliance with the legislation.”

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