Its wonderful to know that someone cares

14 June 2002

Its wonderful to know that someone cares

HERE are three randomly chosen letters from the many thousands which have been sent to RABI welfare departments from all over the country:

"Words cannot express our gratitude in your most generous grant paid to us today. We had felt we had come to the end of the road but my husband and I now feel there is help. It is wonderful to know that there is someone who cares – it will enable us to carry on in this awful situation."

"We have shed a lot of tears here over the past few weeks – frustration and fear mostly – but this morning when we opened the letter from you there were a different kind of tears…"

"I wish to thank you for sending me the cheque which was of great assistance to me. It has enabled me to ride the storm, if only for a short term. Of course, the problems caused by foot-and-mouth are many – but I am less stressed due to your kind help."

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