Jerseys two in a row

10 July 1998

Jerseys two in a row

By Mike Gaisford

A LOCAL Jersey, which just over a month ago was the champion dairy cow at the Suffolk Show, dramatically repeated her success at last weeks Royal Norfolk Show.

In the interbreed line-up at Norwich, once again Les Kerridges cow Coldale Fanfares Gaiety pushed the fancied black-and-white Esquinn Raider Andy into reserve place. This time it was a Northern Ireland judge, Ashley Fleming, who put Gaiety in the spotlight.

"She is a really well balanced young cow, who had the edge over the black-and-white because she was in full milk," commented Mr Fleming.

Gaiety took top spot even though she was in season during the two-day show, and was a little tetchy on the first day, according to Mr Kerridge. Immediately after the interbreed judging, he called up an inseminator and had her AId at the show to a top Jersey bull.

Mr Kerridge now plans to show Gaiety at just one more local show this year, but next year after she has calved for the third time, he hopes to repeat his 1998 successes with her.

In the well supported beef classes, British Simmentals and British Limousins dominated the interbreed lines with Simmentals taking first place in both the male and female beef championships.

Judge Dennis Moss said he was impressed with all the top animals. "The winning Simmental bull was exceptional, with a tremendous back end," he commented.

In the sheep lines, a stocky Hampshire Down shearling ram owned by E J and PD Cresswell headed the interbreed championship followed by S A Banks and B A Greens Texel ram.


Dairy cattle

Interbreed Coldale Jerseys cow Coldale Fanfares Gaiety; res, Strutt & Parkers British Holstein cow Esquinn Raider Andy.

Holstein Friesian/British Holstein Strutt & Parkers cow Esquinn Raider Andy; res, R Patersons heifer Dombell Lindy Angie.

Dexter Mr & Mrs S R Creaseys cow Langley End Holly; res, G R Hibbits heifer Acton Portia.

Guernsey Mr & Mrs N R Kennards cow Instead Doris; res, their cow Instead Ophelia.

Jersey Coldale Jerseys cow Coldale Fanfares Gaiety; res, Dain & Sons cow Wellhead Dreamers Squidgy.


Interbreed male B J Wyands British Simmental bull Brinkton Fraser; res, P Gooderhams British Limousin bull sudale Notea Bulk.

Interbreed female A Hurn & Partnerss British Simmental cow Twyford Echo; res, M E Wickss British Limousin heifer Meadix Muffin.

Aberdeen-Angus I &#42 McLaren & Sonss bull Carlhurlie Deceiver; res, &#42 B & I Hodge & Sons cow Heath House Lucy.

British White Delamore Farms bull Leverington Prospect; res, A Dunns bull De Beauvoir St Louis.

Hereford R T Broads bull Badlingham Broadmayne; res, A G Wright & Sons heifer Hermitage Prunella.

Lincoln Red J L Botltons bull Brandon Tracer; res, C L Bembridges cow Anwick Hazel.

South Devon Heath Farms bull Cholwells Brutuis; res, their heifer Asdig Hawthorn.

Belgian Blue Mr & Mrs B Woodwards heifer Ridge Dean Nougat; res, their bull Ridge Dean Odessa.

British Charolais S Parsonss cow Eyston Grace; res, Goodwin Farmss bull Bastwick Napolean.

British Limousin M E Wickss heifer Meadix Muffin; res, P Gooderhams bull Sujndale Notea Bulk.

British Simmental B J Wyands bull Brinkton fraser; res, A Hurn & Parnerss cow Twyford Echo.

Other beef breeds N J & A M Barretts Beef Shorthorn bull Uppermill Lister; res, E W Filby & Sonss Shorthorn cow Loch Awe Magic.

Colman Mustard Interbreed Commercial Beef Limousin; res, Aberdeen-Angus.


Interbreed E J & P D Cresswells Hampshire Down shearling ram; res, C D M Lewiss Texel ram.

Suffolk M J & J A Pinnys ewe lamb; res, J D Broughtons ram lamb.

Hampshire Down E J & P D Cresswells shearling ram; res, S A Banks & B A Greens ram lamb.

Lincoln Longwool M D & J Coneys shearling ewe; res, C M Baxters shearling ram.

Norfolk Horn S Cokes shearling ewe; res, R Newtons shearling ram.

Texel C D M Lewiss ram; res, T J & J &#42 Prentices ram lamb.

Charollais Mr & Mrs J Barbers ewe lamb; res, P R Ashfords ram.

British Bleu Du Maine Jonathan McInnes Skinners ewe; res, C whites ram.

Primitive breeds B Pearsons Castlemilk Moorit ram; res, G & J Arnolds Shetland ewe.

Other British down breeds B Lugsdens Dorset Down ewe lamb; res, Mr & Mrs J R Taylors Dorset Down shearling ram.

Other British breeds Mrs S Holdichs Wensleydale shearling ram; res, B Enderbys Leicester Longwool shearling ewe.

Other Continental breeds T J & J &#42 Prentices Rouge de lOuest ram; res, M E & &#42 S Cranes Berrichon du Cher shearling ram.

Butchers lambs E M Spratts Texel lambs; res, J C & C D Collisons Texel lambs.


Dairy Ruth Tylers British Toggenburg Tetherdown Charity; res, Eve Settles British Oxwick Echo.

Angora Brenda Spooners buck Corrymoor Kohinor; res, T E Plumleys buck Engedi Yakima.


Interbreed J Macks Large White; res, N J Longs British Saddleback.

Commercial pigs J Mack; res, P D & G S Mortimer. &#42

Dairy interbreed winner: Les Kerridges Jersey cow Coldale Fanfares Gaiety.

Interbreed male champion was the British Simmental Brinkton Fraser.

Wattisfield Whatnot, EGand PECresswells shearling ram was selected as winner of the sheep interbreed title.

Handlers carefully line up sheep in the interbreed judging ring.

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