Join fan club and fight pneumonia

24 December 1999


Gel powder puts pep into ailing calves

RESTORE scouring calves to health with Col-late Nutriscour, says manufacturer Net-Tex.

Formulated as a gel powder, Nutriscour contains a high energy, fast acting carbohydrate and long acting carbohydrate to re-energise calves, according to the company.

It is also said to contain pure colostrum and a gelling agent designed to swell within the intestine. This absorbs harmful bacteria and toxins and protects the inflamed intestine, helping to prevent further electrolyte loss, says Net-Tex.

It is available in 100g, 500g, and 2.5kg tubs and works out at less than £1 a calf (01474-813999, 01474-812112).

Magic straws on offer for £26 each

PASEN Mountain Magic (daughter pictured) is the latest bull to be marketed by breeding company Dairy Daughters.

Sired by Bis-May S-E-L Mountain, Magic has a PLI of £116 and PIN of £112. He also scores highly on type and longevity with a type merit of 2.6 and productive life of 2.6.

He offers 1079kg on production, 34kg fat and 30.5kg protein. Straws cost £26 (01756-748466, fax 01756-749511).

Guide to tagging

TAKE the mystery out of numeric tagging with Ritcheys Numeric Cattle Tagging Guide.

Designed to help producers comply with Januarys new tagging legislation, the guide answers frequently asked questions. These include: What will the new code look like? Can I use old style tags after January 2000? And do the new requirements apply to previously tagged animals?

It is available free from merchants nationwide or can be printed from Ritcheys website at (01765-689541, fax 01765-689851).

Join fan club and fight pneumonia

HELP calves in the fight against pneumonia with CalfCAir, a fan-assisted ventilation system, says manufacturer Westfalia.

The system provides fresh air changes by running a large tube from one end of the building to the other. A fan is fitted to one gable and can be adjusted to increase airflow speed, says the company.

Each unit is specifically designed for the building and can be fitted in a matter of hours, it says. Prices start at £449 (01908-313366, fax 01908-319830).

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