Judges declare its great to be back

14 June 2002

Judges declare its great to be back

THERE was wholehearted agreement among exhibitors at last weeks Staffordshire Show that it was better to have judging inside on wood shavings than have no livestock classes at all.

But meeting the strict biosecurity rules governing the showing of cattle had not deterred Shropshire-based Bromstead Farms, who lifted the supreme dairy championship with the Holstein cow Farhope Storm Express.

Gary Wheeler, herdsman to the 270-cow herd from Moreton, near Newport, said fulfilling DEFRAs quarantine regulations meant show animals had to be milked and managed separately, which was adding about an hour to milking time.

Storm Express was imported from Canada as a milking heifer and stood champion heifer at the last Royal Show. She gave 11,800kg in her last lactation.

Holstein judge Michael George from Haverfordwest said it was great to be back. "It really makes you realise what youve been missing. Numbers were down a bit, but this was a strong entry. The champion is a top class cow with great capacity."

The interbreed beef championship line-up included Jane Wyllies imported Belgian Blue heifer which had come from a strong breed turn out.

But the title went to local exhibitor Roger Birchs imported Simmental cow Miss M R L. Despite many years of showing at this event it was a first supreme win for Mr Birch. His champion, imported after being spotted during a trip to Agribition in North America, is jointly owned by Bob Evans and Jim Barber.

The reserve interbreed beef title went to Leos Pride 1 Nelson, a well fleshed Hereford bull from Derbys breeders D D Rowley and Partners.

Jeremy Hunt



Interbreed Bromstead Farms Holstein cow Farhope Storm Express; res, S Wheats Jersey cow Penyworlod Zebres Dazzle

Holstein Bromstead Farms cow Farhope Storm Express; res, T &#42 Cope and Son and D Grays cow Smiddiehill Jed Winnie.

Jersey S Wheats cow Penyworlod Zebres Dazzle; res, S Wheats in-milk heifer Millvale Sams Connie.


Interbreed Birch, Evans and Barbers Simmental cow Miss R M L; res, D D Rowley and Partners Hereford bull Leos Pride 1 Nelson.

Hereford D D Rowley and Partners bull Leos Pride 1 Nelson; res, Thorley Bros cow Ongutein Daffodil.

Simmental Birch, Evans and Barbers cow Miss R M L; res, R Birchs bull Newtrend Dynasty.

Charolais A Taylors bull Iceman of Bollinger; res, Messrs Turneys heifer Hamilton Rainbow.

Limousin Walter Smith (Farms) maiden heifer Roughley Rhapsody; res, M Smiths cow Jencralodge Jodie.

Belgian Blue J Wyllies maiden heifer Captive de Fooz; res, J Wyllies maiden heifer Tamhorn Tara.

Highland J Prices cow Sine of Duvengan; res, P Stubbs heifer Ceat 1 of Salt.

Dexter M Dixons heifer Stubbingwood Midget Gem; res M Dixons cow Stubbingwood Patricia.


Coloured P and L Waddingtons Large Black gilt Lowerdale Black Lady 185; res, D and B Houlstons Saddleback sow Gillbeck Lottie.

White G Parkers Middle White gilt Cestrian Purity; res, J and A Herberts Middle White gilt Dappleheath Dorothy 44. &#42

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