Keep up support for our campaign

11 January 2002

Keep up support for our campaign

SUPPORT for FWs Save Our Markets campaign continues to pour in. But it remains imperative that such a level of backing is kept up until auctions have re-opened and settled in if DEFRA officials are to be persuaded to keep listening to the industry.

This week saw the final negotiations take place between auctioneers and DEFRA, but there is still much work to do.

Many auctions remain concerned over proposed operating procedures. If these are untenable when market re-open, ongoing support for the campaign will encourage officials to work closely with the farming community to find solutions.

As markets re-open producers must also support auctioneers and ensure quality stock is made available to woo back buyers. Likewise, finishers must encourage buyers to come back to the ringside to achieve a fair deal for stock. It will not be easy.

The battle to get the auction system up and running is far from over. New supporters of the campaign can sign up using the form posted on the Home Page of our website, FWi, or by cutting out the reply form in farmers weekly issues of Dec 7, 14 and 21. &#42

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