Keep warm in the winter workshop

14 January 2000


Fast delivery for conveyors and augers

ORDER Carier grain augers and conveyors now, and receive on-farm delivery within two weeks – is the promise with the companys new Express package.

Available on chain-and-flight conveyors up to 60m (65.6yd) long and belt/bucket elevators up to 21m (23ft) high, the range is designed for simple installation without the need for specialist tools or labour.

The equipment, which caters for grain handling outputs up to 60t/hr, is manufactured from all-galvanised casings, while compact gear motor drives are intended for low maintenance.

Prices and further information are available on (01376-321102). &#42

Stay a jump ahead with engine starting

ENGINES can sometimes require a lot of cranking to start in cold wet weather – a procedure which inevitably takes a toll on vehicle batteries.

To help guarantee reliable starts, AirFlow has introduced a pair of jump leads designed for improved safety and easier connection.

Unlike conventional jump leads, which are connected sequentially on battery terminals, the Kangaroo jump lead features two mating plugs which are joined in the middle to connect the circuit – after the clips have been attached to their relevant battery terminals.

The result, says AirFlow, is an elimination of sparks and less risk of danger.

Equipped with an LED light to indicate proper connection, the leads are priced at £24.99 (01635-569569). &#42

Keep warm in the winter workshop

PERFORMING workshop jobs at this time of the year can be a chilly pastime as cold winter weather sets in.

Spaldings has now brought out a range of four portable heaters designed for use in workshops, packing houses, dairies and grainstores.

Offering outputs from 34,400 to 344,000 Btu/h, the heaters are powered by Butane gas and run from a 230v electrical supply which drives a fan.

All heaters are supplied with approved gas regulators and are equipped with a solenoid valve and safety thermostat intended for simple and safe use.

Offering a 12-month warranty, the heaters are priced from £133.69 (01522-500600). &#42

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