Keys to a peaceful night in the land of nod

EVERYONE KNOWS what it feels like when you don”t get a good night”s sleep.

The stresses of running a farming business – or living with someone who does – are enough to keep anyone awake, and the problem of sleepless nights can be particularly bad at this time of year, with lambing and calving in full swing.

The good news, however, is that there is plenty of useful advice available to those suffering more than the occasional sleepless night. The recent BBC TV programme, How to Sleep Better, and its website offer many tips on getting a better night”s sleep. They include:

Avoid foods and drinks containing caffeine and alcohol – and smoking – which can stop you sleeping. If you need to eat close to bedtime, try bread or cereals

Don”t let yourself become dehydrated, which can stress the body

Ensure your bedroom is sleep-friendly – that includes moving the TV out, painting the walls in a soft colour and removing clutter

Leave the mobile phone in another room if you can

Have a great bed, with good springs

Avoid exercise or working too close to bedtime, as your brain needs time to slow down

For more information, see the website or speak to your doctor. J