Kick the Labour government in the teeth!

4 December 2000

Kick the Labour government in the teeth!

THE labour government claim to be a listening party – what total crap!

Why are they so determined to put genuinely hardworking people – farmers and hauliers – out of business and on the dole queue?.

I am a degree student studying for a BSc in crop management at Harper Adams. With the current employment situation, when I graduate next year I will be forced to join the dole queue because of the current crisis in agriculture, thanks to Tony Blair and his cronies at Number 10.

I totally support all fuel protests and I think that stronger action will be called for this time.

Farmers and hauliers should stand together and unite in forcing the government to reduce fuel taxes. They can certainly afford to do it with a 10 billion surplus in the Treasurys coffers.

I will be among the protestors and the protest should continue untill the government wakes up and reduces fuel taxes!

Joshua Larcombe, Duddon, Cheshire

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