Kitemark looks French, say shoppers

31 March 2000

Kitemark looks French, say shoppers

By Vicky Houchin

THE new logo designed to promote British farm produce looks French, according to a straw poll of consumers by Farmers Weekly.

Tony Blair unveiled the 2 million kitemark at the Downing Street summit with the Natiional Farmers Union on Thursday (30 March).

It shows a red tractor with blue wheels on a white background with the words “British Farm Standard” written underneath.

The tractor logo was developed for the NFU. It shows the letter “F” for farm on its back and adds the colours red, white and blue to denote Britishness.

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But it met a mixed reaction from shoppers and consumers in the high street outside the Farmers Weekly offices in Sutton, Surrey.

Despite the words “British Farm Standard”, Julia Chettati, who was shopping for shoes, said she thought the F-shaped tractor was an “F” for France

“Those colours are in the French flag too,” she said. “It took me a while to realise that it was a tractor. My immediate thought was French.”

Ms Chettati preferred a rival British logo developed by GB Choice. It shows a Union Jack in the shape of a tick and the words “100% GB”.

She said: “As a symbol of the flag it is very reassuring. It gives you a tick and a tick always means yes.”

Another shopper described the NFU logo as “just two noughts and an F.” She added: “The colouring seems French – yes, it definitely looks French.”

Jeff Brennon, a pensioner, said: “I come from a rural area originally,. but honestly it wouldnt make me want to buy British food.”

Darren Lucas, a sixth-form student, said the NFU logo made him think of a farm, but would not encourage him to buy British food.

Jackie Riley, a housewife in her early 30s, said she always bought British, but she said she was unsure what was meant by “British Farm Standard”.

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