Knighthood for ex-MLC chairman

18 June 2001

Knighthood for ex-MLC chairman

By FWI staff

DON Curry, former chairman of the Meat and Livestock Commission, has been knighted in the Queens Birthday Honours list.

Sir Donald received his award for services to the meat and livestock industries.

He was chairman of the MLC until April 2001 and was awarded a CBE for services to agriculture in 1997.

Sir Donald has a 730 ha (1800 acres) farm in Northumberland where he runs a suckler herd as well as having a breeding flock of ewes with lambs for finishing.

There were a number of other awards for the farming and food industry.

CBE David Bills, for services to the Forestry Commission.

James Hunter, chairman of Highlands and Islands Enterprise for services to the Highlands and Islands.

Professor Hubert Woods for services to the committee on the toxicity of chemicals in food, consumer products and the environment.

OBE Joanne Denney, chief executive of the Institute of Grocery Distribution for services to the food and grocery trade.

John Harris, senior executive with McCain foods for services to the potato processing industry.

Henry Murdoch, National Farmers Union of Scotland for services to agriculture.

John Phillips, for services to agriculture in Wales; Robert Watson for services to the meat industry.

MBE Rosemary Carpenter for services to plant biology.

Joan Duncan for services to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Tomas Hartley, farmworker for services to agriculture in Nottinghamshire.

John Keylock, founder member of the Somerset Wildlife Trust for services to Nature Conservation.

John MacDonald for services to crofting and the community in North Uist, Western Isles.

George Mackay, potato breeder with the Scottish Crop Research Institute for services to plant breeding.

Philip Merricks for services to conservation in agriculture.

Anne Perchand for services to Jersey cattle.

Robert Poole, columnist and author for services to journalism and rural affairs.

Michael Williams, for services to agriculture, biodiversity and the environment in East Lothian.


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