Know rights to make more on grain

19 June 2001

‘Know rights to make more on grain’

by Tom Allen-Stevens

GROWERS could be losing money on grain deliveries simply because they dont know their rights, claims a chartered arbitrator specialising in agriculture.

Independent consultant Peter Brown says traders are much more switched on to their rights in a grain contract, and use this when dealing with farmers.

“When a claim is made, often growers will shrug their shoulders and say Well, thats life,” said Mr Brown.

“Many do not realise they have a right to have their grain re-sampled and submitted for analysis by an approved laboratory.”

It is that analysis that will be the determinant factor in the contract claim, says Mr Brown.

More on this issue and others concerning grain contracts are to be explored by Mr Brown at a Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA) seminar.

The programme includes a look at how the farm business, the role of farmers have changed and how to manage budgets and set targets.

This underlines the HGCAs view that grain marketing is becoming a more important skill in modern agriculture.

“Were already seeing a situation where world prices are above intervention prices,” said HGCA marketing information manager Les Pickles.

“Whereas in the past maximising profitability meant maximising yield, now its more important to determine whos going to buy your grain and at what price.”

The seminar, aimed at helping growers market the new crop, takes place on 12 July, 2001 in Norwich and is free to all who apply before the 29 June, 2001.

Details and can be found on HGCA website


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