Know world market, meat exporters told

By FWi staff

MEAT exporters have been urged to develop better strategies if they are to cash in on a predicted 35% growth in the global meat market over the next 10 years.

A report called New Horizons – The Global Meat Industry to 2010, says world meat consumption has climbed 29% in 10 years to 220 m tonnes and is worth 300bn.

The report was launched by the Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) at the Royal Show, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, on Sunday (2 July).

Increased growth in global meat market will be fuelled by a rising population and an increase in wealth chiefly in regions like China, India and South America, it says.

Bob Bansback, MLC corporate strategy director, said it was vital for the British meat and livestock industry to be part of these growing markets.

“It will no longer be enough to produce a commodity and expect a ready market.

Growth in the domestic meat market is also expected to climb from about 3.8m tonnes today to 4.4m tonnes by 2010.

Per capita incomes are expected to grow by 20-25%, but meat will be relatively cheaper, with prices increasing by just 10-15%, about half the expected rise in inflation.

Pig meat will, like poultry, be increasingly regarded by consumers as good value for money, and should account for about 900,000t, a climb of over 12%.

Poultry will continue to gain market share, though at a slower rate.

Beef consumption will decline by a further 50,000t to about 850,000t, sheep-meat by slightly more to about 310,000t.

The long-term shift from retail sales of carcass meat will continue, with processed meats and catering accounting for two-thirds of production.

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