Krebs to run Food Standards Agency?

23 November 1999

Krebs to run Food Standards Agency?

THE head of the new Food Standards Agency (FSA) is expected to be Sir John Krebs, according to the Financial Times.

Sir John, research professor of zoology at Oxford University who mastermind a controversial badger cull, is the “front-runner” to take the job, says the newspaper.

The agency, which is due to open for business in April, is charged with restoring public confidence in Britains food industry.

Sir John, a specialist in behavioural ecology, ran the National Environment Research Council until September.

He became unpopular with animal rights campaigners and farmers alike for his role in a trial cull of badgers blamed for a recent surge in cattle tuberculosis.

Professor Tim Lang, professor of food policy at Thames Valley University and an early advocate of a food agency, describes the appointment as “bizarre”.

He said someone should have been picked who was “alive to all the issues involved in food policy”.

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