Label modified foods, say most UK women

22 May 1998

Label modified foods, say most UK women

A BIG majority (93%) of British women want genetically modified (GM) food to be labelled, according to a survey carried out by Britains largest womens organisation.

The National Federation of Womens Institutes said there were grave fears among British women about the rapid developments in GM foods.

So much so, that 99% of respondents said there was a lack of public awareness about GM foods and that there should be greater public debate about the subject. Only 14% had seen information available in supermarkets and 77% felt unable to make an informed choice.

Eileen Meadmore, NFWI chairman, said: "The survey reflects concerns most women clearly have about genetically-modified foods in the absence of greater knowledge and debate.

"We intend to press the UK and European parliaments, producers and supermarkets to see that clear and accurate information is made widely available so that consumers can make informed choices on the products they buy.

Copies of the survey have been sent to prime minister, Tony Blair.

So far this trial of genetically modified oilseed rape has escaped damage from protesters against GM crops.

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