Lack of funds hampers semen bonanza NBA

By FWi staff

PROMOTION of semen to overseas markets is being hindered by a shortage of pump-priming funding – the result of a lack of political will, according to the National Beef Association.

Overseas semen sales reopened as the BSE crisis came to an end.

Markets such as Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and the USA offer UK breeders a multi-million pound opportunity.

They could lead to a new source of income from semen sales – the only cattle product, bar date-based export scheme qualified beef, that can be sold overseas, claims the NBA.

While political obstacles in destination countries are easing to open markets, UK producers are unlikely to benefit unless levy money collected by the Meat and Livestock Commission is freed up for promotion, says Iain Kerr, chairman of NBAs breed society committee.

“The commission has said it will not commit any money until it has completed a review of the cost/return benefits of semen promotion.”

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