Lamb prices in Europe to rise after Easter?

31 March 1998

Lamb prices in Europe to rise after Easter?

THE Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) believes lamb prices throughout Europe will improve after Easter.

Remi Fourier, MLC representative in France, said supermarket chains
realised they made a mistake last season when they decided to drop lamb
promotions and focus attention on cheap pork.

This had hit both lamb sales and margins, he said, and this year they would promote lamb harder.

However, exchange-rate problems are expected to limit deliveries to France
next season. The strong pound will cause UK farmers some problems, however, Mr Fourier believes that if the pound can stay around FF10 (it is presently FF10.3), then regular purchasing of British lamb is possible.

  • The Scotsman 31/03/98 page 28

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