Lamb prices unaffected by record sales

By FWi staff

LAMB prices are remaining relatively stable despite the record number of animals being sent to livestock auctions around the country.

The numbers of lambs being taken to market have increased significantly. over recent weeks. On Monday, a record 51,842 lambs were sent to auction on Monday — more than on any day so far this year.

“There has not been anything over 50,000 lambs marketed in a day before,” said Lesley Green, economist at the Meat and Livestock commission (MLC).

Prices have fallen only slightly since the end of last month, despite a 27% jump in numbers sold this week, but Mrs Green believes they will stay fairly stable.

New season lambs averaged 71.03p/kg at Markets on Monday. Light lambs averaged 69.14p/kg, medium lambs 71.94p/kg, and heavy lambs 71.15p/kg.

It remains to be seen, however, whether the £1.7m Quick Lamb campaign launched today by the MLC to promote easy-to-cook lamb will actually lift prices.

But like the proposed Private Storage Aid scheme, the advertising campaign will a positive psychological effect, said Mrs Green.

The MLC has extended the Quick Lamb range to include new processed and added-value products as well as new cuts of meat.

It will advertising the range on peak time television, with competitions in supermarkets and in independent butcher shops.

To point up the revamped image, the Quick Lamb logo has been changed to “succulent, lean and tasty,” which the MLC believes is more consumer friendly.

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