Lamb values rise again

By FWi staff

THE UK lamb market has continued in buoyant mood this week as values rise again at markets around the country.

New-season lambs rose 12.37p at markets in England and Wales earlier this week to 131.80p/kg, and old-season lambs climbed 5.20p to 94.41p/kg.

The Meat and Livestock Commission continues to attribute these higher prices to their February lamb campaign, creating a stronger home demand and boosting prices.

The number of dirty lambs marketed as a result of the recent wet weather has also pushed the price up of clean lambs, noted an MLC economist.

Values in Scotland are slightly behind those in England and Wales, with old-season lambs inching up 2.81p to 90.44p/kg.

But lamb prices are always a few pence behind in Scotland, said MLC general manager of Scotland, Alistair Donaldson.

He claimed that values in Scotland were tracking those in England and Wales but were just a couple of pence behind.

Supermarkets have held on to home produced lamb over the past month where they would usually have turned to New Zealand produce, said Mr Donaldson. “Theres a stronger home demand as a result,” he noted.

However, he advises farmers producing lamb off turnips to sell their lambs clean.

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