LAMMA 2007 show in-brief cont

gejs stoker thmbBio-burners could save one third over oil
Louth Tractors has introduced a range of bio-burners for use on UK farms to provide domestic heat from the burning of grain, wood chip, log or pellets offering typical savings of 1/3 over oil-run burners.

Priced from £5-32,000 the range covers 20-30kw, 31-50kw, 50-70kw and 80-100kw variants in the imported Gejs range.

Burners are fed using an auger feeding material from a storage hopper available in four sizes from 250-1250 litre to the burner/boiler units.

Installation requires minimal disruption with just three pipes needing to couple up to domestic water systems for hot water and radiators, says the company.

Jungle Buster targets forestry sector
A tough, proven topper from Major Grasscare aptly named the Jungle Buster made its debut at the show.jungle buster thmb

Manufactured from 10mm steel plate for strength the front or rear-mounted topper features a single tri-blade cutting head driven at 1000rpm through a 90-degree gearbox and protected by an integral slip clutch.

A cutting width or 5ft 8in (1.8m) can tackle dense foliage from scrub, heather, gorse or established set-aside. The unit has been developed principally for use by forestry contractors although the company reckon farming customers wanting to clear rough grazing or hill land will appreciated its strength. The unit is priced £4500.

same tractor cab thmbNew cab for compact tractors
SAME, keen to secure sales in both the amenity and smallholder/compact tractor market, has introduced a new enclosed cab for its compact tractor seen here on a Solaris 45hp model – effectively a £2900 option to the standard roll-bar platform.

Described by the company as a big tractor in a small package, the cab has not quite moved to a flat-floored reality due to the standard 12/12 transmission under-foot, however, the almost full-length side doors allow the operator easy access especially from the nearside. Options include air conditioning.

New flail offers low-budget option
Sherbourne Reynolds has targeted the low-budget verge contracting market with its new fixed boom Powerblade 5.5 flail costing from £14,200.flail mower thmb

Utilising the same drive and hydraulic platform as other models in the company’s portfolio, it can be fitted with a hydraulic sensor on the flail header front roller at a cost of about £800.

This allows the operator to preset pressure from inside the tractor cab and leave the unit to automatically follow verge contours for ease of operation. This unit is suited to tractor of 85-90hp.

Einbock launches pto driven seeder
Einbock has updated its range of grass harrows and now includes the option of pto driven seeder.

einbock seeder thmbThe manufacturer of the 12 metre grass and maize seeder claims the unit is ideal for grass rejuvenation on livestock farms.

Previously only electric motors were available, the new seeder has a pto driven option which feeds seed outlets across the 12 metre working width.

Fitted with a 300 litres hopper capacity, the machines are available from spring 2007 at a cost of £12,000.

Heavier cultivator aims to bust wheel markingsweaving cultivator thmb
Weaving machinery has introduced a new version of its Tulip/Lely cultivator series with the Multidisc 300.

Featuring a front row of six pan-busting winged tines on the 3m-wide unit – eight on the 4m machine – this is claimed to aid the elimination of wheel markings during stubble cultivations.

Changes to the design include a heavier headstock to carry the extra weight and cope with the additional working stress the new tine layout exerts. Prices start at £6950 for the 3m unit with 500mm rear packer roller; add £1050 for Simba DD discs.

New Vari-Flex ploughs offer tougher option
Following on from the DX range, Kongskilde has introduced its new EX range of Vari-Flex ploughs offered with the familiar +1 mouldboard format in both four and five furrow versions.

Improvements include a stronger headstock and beam manufactured from 10mm steel for strength.

To suit buyers the firm offers hydraulic control for furrow width and the option to have hydraulic reset in each arm rather than shear bolt protection.

The 5 +1 combination unit is for use with tractors up to 300hp with the range starting from £13,500.

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