Land lettings up to new heights

7 February 1997

Land lettings up to new heights

MORE land is coming on to the letting market and more is being let to new entrants after the 1995 Agricultural Tenancies Act.

The Country Landowners Associations Farm Business Tenancy survey claims that 12% of the land, let under FBTs in the year ending Sept 1, 1996, had previously been farmed in hand.

The length of the let has also increased, compared with the short-term lettings previously used, with 23% running for more than five years. In some cases, FBTs have been granted to take the tenant to retirement age.

One of the most encouraging results of the survey is the number of lettings by landowners to new entrants into farming. It found that 13% of holdings let by private owners and 9% let by institutions went to new entrants.

Anita Symington, CLA chief legal adviser, said the message was positive: "The new system has many benefits. It has simplified the relationship between landlord and tenant and removed the need for short-term lettings and licences."

George Dunn, Tenant Farmers Association chief executive, agreed more land was being let but rents were still too high.n

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