Land packer prototype fills a double purpose

24 July 1998

Land packer prototype fills a double purpose

WITH the development of its latest cultivator, Vaderstad both fills a gap in its product range and moves into the land packer sector of the cultivations equipment market.

The Rexius Twin – which is still at the pre-production prototype stage, it will not be available until next March – is intended as a replacement for the power harrow as a means of obtaining a seedbed in one pass directly behind the plough or disc harrow.

The implement, which incorporates a considerable amount of farmer input in its design, utilises the frame of the existing range of Rexius rollers.

This carries two banks of tined levelling boards which both break up the plough and move the soil into the furrow bottom, to present a level surface to sets of following interlocking sets of packer rings, which carry out a secondary crumbling action and firm the surface to create the final seedbed.

To vary the degree of soil shatter achieved, the front row of tines can be set, manually, to work deeper than those at the rear, with actual working depth controlled hydraulically from the tractor seat.

Consolidation is by two sets of interlocking 70cm (2.4ft) diameter, press rings, which have a narrow, 50mm (2in) deep central ridge opening out to a wide shoulder, a design Vaderstad claims maintains consolidation depth. Quoted overall weight is around 1200kg/m.

Constant ring rotation is achieved by interlocking them across the axle and each ring section is automatically tensioned through the pressure exerted by a coil spring between the second and third ring on each axle.

The final range will comprise models with working widths from 4.5m to 10.2m (14.8-33.5ft), and Vaderstad puts the cost at around £3000/m and power requirement at 25hp/m.

Claimed potential output for the 10.2m wide Rexius Twin land packer is up to 95ha/day when working behind a 350hp tractor.

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