Land Rover Defenders and quad bikes stolen in farm crime spree

Police are urging farmers to take extra steps to protect their quad bikes and Land Rover following a spate of thefts in North Yorkshire.

Over the Christmas and new year period, Land Rover Defenders were stolen from Boroughbridge, Coniston Cold and Drebley. Quads were also taken from Castleton, Goathland and Pickering.

North Yorkshire Police is advising owners to always leave vehicles locked and alarmed, if possible, and to consider fitting an approved immobiliser.

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PCSO Sally Breen, from North Yorkshire Police’s rural taskforce, said: “I am urging anyone who owns a Land Rover or a quad bike – and particularly if they live in an isolated, rural area – to take extra steps to ensure their vehicles are left safe and secure.

“It’s much better to spend a bit of time and money now on better security than to go through the inconvenience and upset of having your vehicle stolen.

“Members of the public act as our eyes and ears in rural areas, so if you are aware of any suspicious activity, don’t hesitate to call it in and we will take action.”

Thefts in other areas

Police in Lancashire, Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Avon and Somerset have all reported thefts of quad bikes from farms over the past fortnight.

Derbyshire Police said on Friday (6 January) it seized a stolen quad from Harworth. Officers say they are seeking information about persons riding illegal or stolen quads in the Harworth and East Bassetlaw area. 

NFU Mutual says quad bikes are among the most commonly targeted items on farms. The insurer has also warned farmers of a spike in thefts of quad bikes and mid-range tractors in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, owners of iconic Land Rover Defenders should remain vigilant amid reports that thieves are continuing to target this model for its parts, since it went out of production early last year.

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