Landowners concerned at roam maps

4 December 2001

Landowners concerned at roam maps

By FWi staff

LANDOWNERS at the Agrivision farming exhibition are expected to criticise the way land is being mapped in preparation for the right-to-roam.

The event, held on 5-6 December, aims to show farmers the way forward after the farming crisis and the foot-and-and-mouth epidemic.

Hundreds of visitors are expected to visit stands and seminars at the National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

Country Land and Business Association policy director Nick Way said even tiny parcels of land, in-by land, and semi-improved land were being mapped.

“We are getting very concerned that the Countryside Agency is mapping land in England that nobody thought would be accessible,” he said.

“Ministers said that the Act should not interfere with land management. On the basis of these maps, it will be a significant interference.

Mr Way said the landowners association was looking for sympathetic implementation of the Act rather than confrontation.

The organisation has contacted members in to alert them to the need to scrutinise the maps to make sure they are accurate.

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