Large crowds take chance to view the latest innovations

19 June 1998

Large crowds take chance to view the latest innovations

Visitors to last weeks Cereals

98 event looking to update

their knowledge of all things

arable would not have been

disappointed. Andy Collings

and Ian Marshall toured the

machinery lines

CEREALS 98 – large crowds, huge interest and a vast amount of new machinery.

For many firms, last weeks event in Sleaford, Lincs, presented the first chance to reveal their latest developments at a national level.

And plenty there were, too, from front linkages and self-propelled sprayers to balers and drills.

One of the more innovative developments was on the Kuhn stand where a fertiliser spreader complete with a border spreading control system which can be activated at the turn of switch in the tractor cab was on display.

The Axera-H 1101 twin disc spreader, which offers spreading widths from 12m to 36m, employs independent hydraulic drives to each of its discs. When spreading in the field the speed of the discs are matched, but for headland work the hedge-side disc is shut down to a slower speed to reduce the spread width.

But Khun reasons that on its own is not sufficient to ensure an even spread on the headland strip, so as the disc slows it has been designed to move rearwards by a few inches – the precise amount is pre-set in respect of spreading width – to alter the dropping point of the fertiliser on to the disc. This push back is performed by a hydraulic ram, also activated from a switch in the cab mounted control box.

The control box itself comprises two digital disc-speed displays with switches to increase or decrease individual speeds by 50rpm increments. When border spreading, the operator selects the side to be activated and then uses two switches – one to slow the disc and the other to move it rearwards.

Hopper capacities for the Axera-H 1101 range from 1100 to 3000 litres and, with Kuhns Quantron speed-related application system, prices start at about £9450. &#42

Border spreading control at the flick of a switch with the Kuhn Axera-H 1101 fertiliser spreader.

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