Late-drilled winter wheat

19 December 2000

Late-drilled winter wheat

CURRENTLY, we have no winter wheat drilled. However, we have the seed on hand, the variety being Claire.

What would be the latest date for drilling, as I dont particularly want to spend 350 on a tonne of spring cereal seed.

  • MK Bowers, Weston, Lincolnshire

    MANY growers and consultants are expecting to drill to the end of February with winter wheat.

    There will, of course, be a yield penalty but, with wheat prices moving up at the moment, it is probably a better economic prospect than putting into set-aside or drilling a spring crop instead.

    You can, of course, hold some of your seed over for a year and in the latest issue of Crops (16 December) we give some tips on how to do that on the Last Word page.

  • Debbie Beaton, Editor, Crops

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