Late payers plague malt growers

21 October 1999

Late payers plague malt growers

LATE payment is causing concern among Scotlands malting barley growers, reports The Herald.

Many have just been paid just £50 a tonne at the present time, with a full settlement when the true value of malt becomes clear.

But the same merchants asking for this type of arrangement are demanding payment for fertiliser within 14 days of invoice and an interest charge levied for late payment.

Douglas Morrison, chairman of the National Farmers Union of Scotlands combinable crops committee said farmers were being “taken advantage of”.

The quality of the spring barley crop this year has been the best for many years with an estimated production of close of 1.4 million tonnes.

But actual demand for malting barley in Scotland is unlikely to exceed 800,000 tonnes.

Malting barley is trading between £74 to £80 a tonne.

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