Lateral thinking solves mower transport headache

16 May 1997

Lateral thinking solves mower transport headache

ACHIEVING a narrow transport width for a wide trailed mower conditioner has given many equipment designers headaches. But Scandinavian maker JF claims to have solved the problem with its latest machine imported by WestMac, which has a 2.65m (8.6ft) transport width.

The 3.6m (11.8ft) wide GMS 3600 carries a second pair of wheels above the mower bed which enables the mower to be swung through 90 degrees, via a pivot on the drawbar, and towed in an end-on fashion.

"With this concept, there is no reason why we cant increase the mowing width further because transporting such a wide machine is no longer a problem," explains sales manager Martin Holden.

Moving from transport to work is achieved hydraulically, to swing the mower bed out to the working position. With the bed in place, the road wheels can be raised and locked up out of the way, above the mower.

The nine-disc GMS 3600 mower conditioner is priced at £16,360.n

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