Latest Dowdeswell Delta-Furra plough bows to convention fgfgfg

18 September 1998

Latest Dowdeswell Delta-Furra plough bows to convention fgfgfg

DESPITE the current emphasis on surface cultivations, there is clearly still an interest in more conventional techniques.

Alconbury was the first outing for Dowdeswells Delta-Furra DF 250 series semi-mounted ploughs, which feature twin-wheeled centre carriage articulation to allow the implement to articulate over undulating ground and maintain a consistent working depth along its length.

The system operates through a three-point linkage built into the carriage that has a floating top link which expands and contracts to raise and lower the rear section of the plough independently of the front.

Movement comes from a large universal joint on the carriage, which links the front and rear ploughs and provides a solid connection for turnover, when the position of the carriage and its twin supporting wheel is claimed to help minimise stresses to both the plough frame and tractor linkage.

Delta-Furra DF 250s come in six models from nine to 14 furrows. Suitable for use with tractors from 180-300hp and above, the range has a hydraulically operated scissor action offset enabling work in the furrow or on the land.

Prices start at £28,541 for a nine furrow (six front/three rear) DF 250 fitted with skims and UCN bodies. &#42

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