Latest ITEM scores put Rosparry top of table

22 May 1998

Latest ITEM scores put Rosparry top of table

By Sue Rider

POLE position in the latest UK dairy sire evaluations, the first of new quarterly results for May and November, goes to UK owned Rosparry Thor, a newcomer in February.

This Exranco Thor son, out of an Ex Starbuck dam, boasts £118 PIN and £123 ITEM, making him the eighth highest sire available in the UK (seee table), although he still has a high percentage of tested daughters, 57%, in just two herds.

The updated production proofs have been sent to milk recording organisations, breed societies and AI companies. Animal Data Centre geneticist Gordon Swanson believes the new results, supplementing existing proof runs in February and August, will give UK dairy farmers access to more up-to-date figures on bulls and cows. This latest run is also the first time somatic cell count predicted transmitting abilities have appeared alongside a bulls production proofs, explains Mr Swanson.

"We are now providing information four times a year, with only three months between runs, so figures will be more up to date. There are also cell count figures alongside the production proofs for the first time, and after industry consultation lifespan figures may be incorporated into ITEM later this year."

In the latest rankings, second position is taken by the Dutch sire Etazon Celsius, also the top sire on the US TPI list. His UK figures show £118 PIN and £121 ITEM. Down to number three from lead position is US sire Mascot, but he is still the highest UK proven bull ranked on PIN, with £122 (£121 ITEM).

Newcomer to the UK rankings, and in at number four is US sire Maizefield Bellwood, also number two on the US TPI list. He offers £121 PIN and £119 ITEM. At number five is Sunny Boy son Mars Silver Boy, but Genus is still waiting type figures for this bull.

Promising new UK bulls are the Vic Kai son Genus Lancaster – out of a Bell and with £105 ITEM – and Mascot son Genus Brooklyn (£104 ITEM).

Daughter of No 1 UK proven bull, Exranco Thor son Rosparry Thor. He is also eighth highest sire ranked on ITEM available in the UK.

Top 10 Holstein sires available in the UKranked on ITEM(May 98)

Bull ITEM Semen cost (£) Supplier

Mar-Bil Oscar Glenwood (US) 138 48 Genus

Holim Boudewijn (H) 128 * Genus

Gibbon (F) 126 29 Supersires

Etazon Knockout (H) 126 20 Genus

Holim Stans Tornedo (H) 124 20 Genus

Delta Novalis (H) 124 22 Genus

Cubby Manfred (US) 124 25 Avoncroft

Rosparry Thor (UK) 123 20 Avoncroft

Latuch Leadman Talon (USA) 123 19.50 Dairy Dtrs

Moroville Mascot Brock (USA) 123 35 Genus

*Price to be announced shortly.

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