Leave old FWs in the waiting room

27 March 1998

Leave old FWs in the waiting room

WANT to help educate the public about modern farming? Then, heres a simple but effective idea suggested by farmers weekly reader Yvette Totterdell.

Simply donate your old copies of FW to the local doctors surgery, dentists waiting room or hospital. This is your opportunity to influence people who base their views about our industry on often ill-informed newspaper articles, TV programmes or the idealised picture of rural life portrayed by Radio 4s The Archers.

So the next time you visit the doctor, dentist or hospital, leave a copy of farmers weekly behind you. It costs nothing to back our campaign. And it just might help to redress some of the many prejudices peddled about the Great British industry which produces the nations food, to such high standards, and looks after its countryside so well. (See Letters.)

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