Leonard Morris

27 February 1998

Leonard Morris

Leonard Morris is tenant at

206ha (510-acre) White

House Farm, South Kyme

Fen, Lincoln. His heavy land

grows winter wheat and

oilseed rape and spring peas

and linseed. Lighter ground

is cropped with potatoes,

spring rape and linseed.

WHAT a change in the weather from last month – with only 2mm of rainfall and temperatures going up to 18C the land has finally started to dry enough to carry a tractor.

I managed to get the worst of the wheat sprayed, using Amazon (clodinafop-propargyl + diflufenican) at 1 litre/ha, Auger (isoproturon) at 2 litres/ha and 1 litre/ha of Cropoil adjuvant.

I hope, this will stop the blackgrass, meadow-grass and most of the broad-leaved weeds, which had been growing with impunity.

A lot spraying and drilling has been done in the area over the past few weeks. Deep tramlines in some fields show how people pushed to get urgent spraying done despite the wet.

The last of the Rialto winter wheat and a load of oilseed rape have gone. It should have been in January, but early February seems to be close enough this year.

The main job this month has been harvesting potatoes. We borrowed a Grimme Harvester, and used as much family labour as possible. Well, that is the cheapest, isnt it? Now what is left of the crop is in store, we hope we will get some return – eventually.

Strangely, nobody has called to see if I want a crisping contract this year.

I shall now be busy getting ploughed up ready for spring crops. The winter oilseed rape also needs its first nitrogen and the last of the wheat needs spraying.

Just to help, one of the tractors developed an internal hydraulic problem. With luck it will be sorted out quickly, so that one tractor can be on duals for spraying and spreading while the other is ploughing on the light farm.

Before Christmas a local paper forecast snow for the first week in March, based on the flight of birds. So we need to get all necessary field work done by then. &#42

Its good-bye to White House Farms 20-year old MF760 combine, cosseted by Ian Wells (left) the mechanic from Chandlers, who has seen it right all that time. Leonards father John (right) has driven it every season. Now they will have to get to grips with the second-hand MF38RS that dwarfs it.

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