Less but more – BPCs motto

22 May 1998

Less but more – BPCs motto

FEWER and bigger. That is the British Potato Councils new motto.

"We aim to do less things, but do them bigger and better," says chairman David Walker. Each of the boards three functions, marketing, research and development, and market statistics is included.

Co-ordinated marketing campaigns involving growers, packers, processors and supermarkets are planned, and research and development work is being directed to meet buyers needs.

Driving defects down, the theme of the event, is a key area for the 50 research projects funded by the council. An overall approach linking crop agronomy to store management is under way.

In marketing an example of the councils new approach is the early potato campaign. A morning television advertising campaign is planned and regional launches involving supermarkets are in progress. Getting the early market off to a good start is the key to the season, says Mr Walker.

A new interactive electronic information system providing growers, processors and packers with market and agronomic advice is also planned.

"Merchants and processors will be asked to keep their prices updated on the system, growers will have access to seed and ware prices."

Transfer of research and development information to growers is also under review, with a full re-cap of existing research data the first stage.

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