Leukaemia – long

3 March 2000

Leukaemia – long

road to raise cash

for research

One Humberside farmer is making a special journey to raise

money for leukaemia research, after losing his wife to the

disease just before Christmas. Tim Relf reports

PHILIP Warkups going for a drive. Its no ordinary drive, though. This one will take him around Britain, past John o Groats and Lands End, see him cover the best part of 4300 miles and, hopefully, raise £5000-plus for charity.

Its no ordinary car hell be driving, either – its the 1957 TR3 he and his late wife, Barbara, lovingly restored after buying in 1990.

Philip explains his plan in his farmhouse kitchen at North Frodingham, Driffield, Yorks. Theres a road map on the table with arrows drawn on it. Little marks are evident like: "500 miles, here" or "Possible stop".

"Ill start at Bridlington and just head north," says the 66-year-old semi-retired farmer, who plans to set off in May and skirt the county anti-clockwise – sticking mainly to A and B roads – in about 15 days. "Im not a fussy sort of guy – Ill throw a tent in if need be."

By the time he hits John oGroats – probably on day three – hell have put 700 miles on the speedometer. Reaching Lands End will mean hes done 3200 miles. Keep an eye open for the car, you might see him pass – its a British racing green model, number plate NFF 784.

Traffic chaos and mechanical defects are about the only obstacles to his achievement. "Its a long way for an old car," he says. "I just hope nothing goes wrong – I dont want to come home on the back of an AA truck. Ill need a bit of luck."

But the cars in good shape – and growls into life when Philip turns the key. Bad weather could make the journey unpleasant – but hes planning to do as much of it as possible "topless".

"We were well known for never putting the hood on," he says, remembering some of the many trips he and his wife took in the car.

* If you would like to sponsor Philip, call him on 01262 488933.


&#8226 Leukaemia is a cancer of the blood. It is characterised by the uncontrolled multiplication of abnormal blood cells (usually white ones) which take over the bone marrow. The cells crowd out the normal ones and spill out into the blood stream. This disruption to the blood supply, if left untreated, is normally fatal.

&#8226 18,000 people are diagnosed with leukaemia or a related blood cancer in the UK each year.

&#8226 One in 100 people will develop a cancer of the blood at some point in their life.

&#8226 Leukaemia is the most common form of childhood cancer.

A fund-raising Triumph… Philip Warkup and his TR3 car.

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