Lies, damned lies, and grain testing

15 June 1998

Lies, damned lies, and grain testing

IVE seen problems with grain deliveries for as long as I can remember. Friday afternoons, and low spot prices, are the worst time to move grain and always have been. There are companies out there who will check a bad result. My recent experience is that the big companies just dont care about their suppliers.

There is one large merchanting company that I will not deal with any more. When they have made a quality-based deduction, I dont hear about it until the cheque arrives. The smaller companies I deal with do seem to have discovered that wonder of modern technology, the telephone. They can even post a letter that arrives the morning of the day after I loaded the lorry.

Now they want to know if we have calibrated our moisture meters. Does anyone really think they will accept our tests over their own, even if we have a calibration certificate?

  • DAVID BELL, C Bell & Sons, Church Farm, North Kelsey, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire

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