Light straw yields put prices high

By FWi staff

STRONGER-than-expected demand and light yields across the country are driving straw prices up.

According to Devon-based merchant John Dorse, many farms are still stuck with too many cattle due to movement restrictions and suspension of the Over Thirty Months Scheme.

High prices at some standing straw auctions led to some verbal agreements being broken by growers for an extra 25/ha (10/acre).

As a guide to prices Mr Dorse says wheat straw is now the same price barley straw was six weeks ago – about 50/t delivered – and barley straw is scarce.

James Morrish of the Rural Stress Information Network, whose work includes finding straw and fodder for farms in difficulty, has been warned the group may have to pay up to 60/t for barley straw.

An east Devon farmer says he has recently paid 52/t delivered for barley and 45/t for wheat in big square bales.

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