Lighter animals bear brunt of beef market

Friday, 23 January, 1998

By FWi staff

BEEF prices dipped this week, with lighter animals taking the biggest falls on a market which shows no sign of recovery.

Light heifer prices plummeted 16.50p to 68.57p/kg on Tuesday, according to Meat and Livestock Commission statistics which monitor livestock auctions across England and Wales.

Medium-weight heifers dropped 1.73p to 85.42p/kg. Heavy-weight heifers also fell by more than a penny to 85.69p/kg.

Male cattle continue to fetch slightly higher prices – but only just.

Light steers fell 2.77p to 78.39p/kg. Medium-weight steers fell 1.27p to 85.70p/kg, and heavy-weight steers dropped 1.41p/kg to 87.19p/kg.

Young bulls fell 5.51p to 80.46p/kg. Medium-weight bulls were virtually unchanged at 92.16p/kg. Heavier bulls fell by almost 1p/kg to 90.58p/kg.

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