Linseed sent on treatment holiday

18 February 2000

Linseed sent on treatment holiday

LINSEED dressed overseas with anti-flea beetle dressing Hydraguard (gamma-HCH + thiram) is proving popular with growers, says Hants-based Robin Appel.

To circumvent the ban on applying gamma-HCH to seed in the UK it sent home-grown seed abroad for treatment.

"It has had to go on a holiday and then come back again. But it was grown and harvested in the UK last summer," stresses director Nigel Bazeley.

The move is now paying off in orders, he maintains. Varieties Flanders and Zoltan are available, costing about £1-1.10/kg including the dual-purpose dressing. "Thats £4-5/acre extra for the insecticide dressing." Post-emergence flea beetle sprays are more costly and less effective than the seed treatment, he adds. &#42

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