Liquid insecticide applicator protects grain lying in-store

3 December 1999

Liquid insecticide applicator protects grain lying in-store

APPLYING liquid Actellic insecticide to grain as it enters stores may be a good idea but can you be sure that the correct amount is being applied? Too much and there is a risk of infection; too little and there is a risk of infestation.

Perry of Oakley has taken the job to task with the introduction of a system which it claims ensures correct quantities of chemical is applied.

Comprising three components – a weigher, control panel and applicator – grain passing into the system is constantly monitored so that applicator can adjust its application rate accordingly.

The aim is to apply one litre/ tonne of grain. If a different chemical rate is required a stronger or weaker chemical solution is mixed with the one litre requirement remaining a constant.

At the applicator end, a flow sensor adjusts a valve to ensure the correct rate in respect of the weight of grain. Three spray booms each having two or four nozzles can be activated – a higher flow of grain means that more nozzles are brought into action.

Output from the system which carries a price tag of £8100, is up to 80t/hour.

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