Local breeds top title

14 June 2002

Local breeds top title

By Jonathan Long

WITH sheep appearing at a big county show for the first time this summer it was fitting that the local breed claimed the major honours at Ipswich.

Regular exhibitor Stephen Cobbald took the supreme title with a Suffolk shearling ewe from his Melford flock. The ewe sired by Fordafourie Supreme and out of a home-bred ewe was described by interbreed judge, Kevin McCarthy, as a strong, well-fleshed ewe with a leg at each corner. She narrowly beat a Hampshire Down ram lamb from leading East Anglian livestock breeders Charles Horrel and family.

The beef championships were dominated by the Clements family from Stowmarket. Their Charolais cow Warninglid Joyce took the Charolais honours and the interbreed title while their three-year-old Simmental heifer Darshams Kit Kat won the breed title and claimed the reserve interbreed spot.

Kit Kat was also part of the winning interbreed pairs duo from A R Clements and Partners. She teamed up with home-bred bull Darshams Hadden to take the overall honours in this section. Paul Clements dedicated the wins to his father, Albert, who founded the Darshams herds and has been exhibiting pedigree cattle for over 50 years, unfortunately Mr Clements senior was unable to be at the show due to illness.

The wins were the perfect start to the season for the partnership and highlight the quality of cattle that will be on offer at the production sale of more than 80 females from their 400-cow herd later in the summer, said Paul Clements.

Both the pigs and the goats were relocated, as low sheep numbers enabled them to move into the sheep buildings. The commercial pig championship was claimed by the Mortimore family, while the pedigree section was won by Brian Upchurch with his British Lop sow Greenway Harmony 42.



Interbreed A R Clements and Partners Charolais cow Warninglid Joyce; res, A R Clements and Partners Simmental heifer Darshams Kit Kat.

Red Poll M V Dawes bull Hinwick Napoleon; res, Oak House Farms cow Woldsman Gloria.

Dexter S M Kindreds cow Salvator Hebe; res, L and M Greens heifer Fosterdown Jasmine.

British Charolais A R Clements and Partners cow Warninglid Jasmine, res; Goodwin Farms cow Bestwick Pandora.

British Simmental A R Clements and Partners heifer Darshams Kit Kat; res, B J Wyands cow Twyford Frostie.

Limousin Smiths of Bloxhams cow Crowhill Orrannoe; res, M J Bruntons bull Shellin Prince.

South Devon J P Fishs bull Grove Cornelius; res, M E Broomes cow Welland Valley Ursa 1.

Any other pure beef breed D K Jearys Aberdeen-Angus bull Tegnose Penboy; res, A R Clements and Partners Aberdeen-Angus cow Shrimpling Edwina.

Commercial beef P S Rowlands heifer; res, T Earey and Sons steer.

Rare and minority British breeds &#42 Horrel and C Horrels Longhorn bull Chapelton Promotor; res, G &#42 Wilds Longhorn cow Keedbarn Oxslip.


Interbreed S W Cobbalds Suffolk shearling ewe; res, C Horrels Hampshire Down ram lamb.

Suffolk S W Cobbalds shearling ewe; res, R D and C B Harts untrimmed ram lamb.

Jacob P A Marlow-Spaldings ram; res, P Bakers shearling ewe.

Hampshire Down C Horrells ram lamb; res, C Horrells ewe lamb.

Bleu Du Maine J McInnes Skinners ewe; res, J McInnes Skinners ram.

Longwool S Holditchs Leicester Longwool shearling ewe; res, S Holditchs Leicester Longwool ram.

Norfolk Horn R Newtons ewe; res, The Marquess of Cholmondeleys shearling ram.

Southdown V E Holland-Howes ram; res, G Sprakes ram lamb.

Other native breeds B Lugsdens Dorset Down ram lamb; res, R Banks Oxford Down ewe lamb.

Continental breeds P J and &#42 M Longs Charollais ewe lamb; res, P J and &#42 M Longs Charollais ram lamb.

Commercial sheep S Amoss Roussin x shearling ewes; res, S Amoss Texel x ewe lambs.

Butchers lambs S Amoss Texel x; res, S Amoss Texel x.


Interbreed B Upchurchs British Lop sow Greenway Harmony 42; res, P and M Readers Welsh Gilt Lopham Lucky Girl 63.

White pigs B Upchurchs British Lop sow Greenway Harmony 42; res, P and M Readers Welsh gilt Lopham Lucky Girl 63.

Coloured pigs J Wykes-Sneyds Berkshire sow Bruisyard Suzanne 12; res, G and M Kiddys Gloucestershire Old Spot gilt Basham Ellen 79.

Live commercial pigs P D and G S Mortimore; res, P D and G S Mortimore.


Interbreed Parr and Ackroyds British Toggenburg Thespian Consuela; res, M P D Clarks Merjoy Mynnie. &#42

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