Logo okay for six schemes

19 May 2000

Logo okay for six schemes

SIX farm assurance schemes will be allowed to use the British Farm Standard mark when it is launched next month, said the NFU.

The schemes, which guarantee food safety, were told they reach the standards required by Assured Food Standards, the company set up to operate the mark.

The logo – which shows a red and blue tractor on a white background – can now be used on every type of primary food, said NFU president Ben Gill.

The major retailers have all confirmed that they will use the mark on packaging of relevant products from June 12.

The schemes which have been told they can use the logo are: Assured British Pigs; Assured British Meat, Beef and Lamb Schemes; Assured Chicken Production; Assured Combinable Crops (cereals); Assured Produce (fruit, vegetables and salads); and the National Dairy Farm Assurance Scheme.

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