27 June 2002


ARABLE contractor, Anthony Bealby has recently completed a 1000 mile journey on horseback from Lands End to John OGroats to rally opposition to the proposed hunting ban and raise money for charity.

Mr Bealby, a keen huntsman who rides with the South Wold and the Grove and Rufford Hunts, estimates he has raised about £5000 for the Countryside Alliance, the Injured Jockeys Fund and Candlelight, a childrens cancer charity.

He says his 17-year-old bay mare, Berry and 11-year-old chestnut gelding, Charles never put a foot wrong on the 38-day journey, although they wore out four sets of shoes each. Each night, the threesome – nicknamed ABC after each of their initials – enjoyed the hospitality of hunt and racing supporters along the route.

"People have been marvellous about putting us up and the horses took it all in their stride. One night Berry even had to slept in a bull pen, although she never made a fuss," says 63 year old Mr Bealby, who is from Worksop, Nottingham.

"I hope that Ive been able to highlight the plight of people living in the countryside and raise awareness about fox-hunting. I met with very little opposition on the way, everybody has been very supportive. The only exception were two old ladies who got out their purses to make a donation but snapped them shut and stormed off when they found out I was pro-hunting."

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