Look out for beef labels, says union

17 December 2001

Look out for beef labels, says union

By FWi staff

FARMERS leaders have urged producers and shoppers to look out for new beef labels designed to remove the guess work for people wanting to buy British.

This takes place under the second part of Europe-wide legislation on beef labelling which comes into force on 1 January.

All beef, including mince, is required to carry additional information stating the country in which the animal was born and reared.

The National Farmers Union says the move is a major success in its battle to improve consumer information through clearer food labelling.

NFU deputy president Tim Bennett said: “Our standards of beef production in Britain have earned our farmers one of the highest reputations in the world.

“This has been hard won and has involved total dedication. It is only right that those that want to support these efforts are not misled when it comes to paying at the checkout.”

The two-part ruling the first part became law across Europe in September 2000 also relates to also sales information near the product and leaflets associated with it.

From 1 January it will be an offence not to provide correct information on the country in which an animal is born, reared, slaughtered and butchered.

The NFU says any infringement of the new labelling laws should be reported in writing to local trading standards officers.

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